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Discovering Florence and Tuscany
from another point of view

30 giu ’16No CommentsFood and Wine

Visiting Italy, love the idea of the traditional Vespa, and want to know more about the history of this famous brand? Then the Piaggio Museum is the place for you! The Piaggio Museum is better known as the Vespa museum and is located in Pontedera, Italy. It is only a short train ride away from […]

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1 lug ’16No CommentsExperiences

When walking down the Arno River in Florence you may witness a small four-person crew rowing a boat all in sync. This is a sighting of the Società Canottieri, the rowing club of Florence! With around 700 members; the Società Canottieri competes in rowing races around the world and also against other rowers in their […]

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29 giu ’16No CommentsExperiences, Food and Wine , ,

Having been in Florence for about two months now, gelato is something I have become very passionate about. Many people who haven’t tried the dessert would argue that it is the same thing as ice cream. Let me tell you, gelato is way, way better. Of course there are several gelateries on every corner in […]

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27 giu ’16No CommentsArt, Experiences, Food and Wine ,

While visiting Florence you will experience amazing architecture around every bustling city corner. The city itself seems to be a work of art! Every building you enter will have centuries old masterpieces made by the world’s most famous artists, sculptors, and architects. However, there is one spot that is not as well known by tourists, […]

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26 giu ’16No CommentsArt, Experiences , ,

As iconic as it is large, the Duomo could arguably be considered the symbol of Florence. Located in the heart of the city’s center, you can always find your way from there if you ever get lost in the streets of Florence. The original name of the Duomo is the Basilica di Santa Maria del […]

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22 giu ’16No CommentsFood and Wine

Pasta, pasta, pasta! It is one of the first images that pop into your head as soon as you think of Italy, and for good reason too! Italy produces about 1,432,990 tons of pasta per year! Pastificio Artigianale is a quaint store located behind the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. They make several different types of […]

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16 giu ’16No CommentsExperiences, Food and Wine, Wheels , , ,

When visiting Siena, it is easy to see why it used to be a rival to Florence. The steep alleyways that lead to historical squares and amazing architecture capture not only your eyes, but your heart as well. The city itself is quaint and charming in a way that only Italian cities can be. You […]

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19 apr ’16No CommentsExperiences, Food and Wine , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

When trying to truly experience a new city, no matter where in the world you are, this is usually a good place to start. Locals collect ingredients for the dishes traditional for the area, vibrant languages are quickly spoken as shoppers bargain and barter, and the products are locally produced if not handmade. You guessed […]

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12 apr ’16No CommentsExperiences, Food and Wine , , , , , , , , , ,

Roughly 8,000 students studied abroad in Florence in 2010, fast forward to almost a decade later and that number has surely increased since then. With so many students, the Florentines may be intrigued to find out why Florence is chosen above all others. Let’s take a look at one in particular,  April Leonard, a 22 […]

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18 apr ’16No CommentsExperiences, Food and Wine , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Traveling through Florence and wondering the best way to spend the evening? I can suggest an Italian tradition that combines a great atmosphere with good drinks or wine along with tasty snacks. It goes by the name of ‘aperitivo’ . ‘Aperitivo’ comes from the Latin word meaning “to open.” It aims to encourage you to […]

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29 mar ’16No CommentsExperiences, Food and Wine, Wheels , , , , , , , ,

Thinking of visiting Italy, there are inevitably some images that come to mind. Plates of homemade pasta and pizza, sunsets over Tuscan hills, Chianti wines with bruschetta pairings, and zipping around Italian countryside on a vespa! One weekend in Florence, I experienced quite a few “Italian Must Do” items all at once. I had the […]

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15 mar ’16No CommentsExperiences , , , , , , , , ,

Florence is home to about 375,000 people and a breath of fresh air for the 16 million tourist that visit each year. With a number so high, one may question what in fact does Florence, Italy have to offer? I’ll start off by saying, Florence (Firenze) is everything that I never knew it was. Yes […]

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