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Mille Miglia in Florence!

mille miglia florencetown

Mille Miglia – the 31st Reenactment of the Mille Miglia, Saturday, May 18th

mille miglia florencetown

It’s been said that the veins of Brescians are saturated with fuel as opposed to blood, which is the main reason for the origination of the historic and renowned race, The Mille Miglia.  Car racing for the city of Brescia started in the 19th century and is a passion of the area and it’s citizens that will seemingly never go away.  Also the home of multiple automobile manufacturers, Brescia became the stomping grounds for multiple well-known races that are still talked about today. Once the city was granted the chance to start their automobile club in 1926, the first ever Mille Miglia was born shortly after, known as “the most beautiful race in the world”.  This year’s race started on May 16th, and continued on until May 19th, ending in Rome. As only 375 cars are accepted into the race, you can imagine that it’s the cream of the crop and boasts some of the most eye catching vehicles spectators can lay eyes on. The cars are chosen based on the models that have taken part in at least one of the past races from the years 1927-1957, with drivers that come from all parts of the world. I grew up with a love of motor vehicles, as my father rides motorcycles and is always looking for the next new car he can buy…so this was a true treat for me. I have a real appreciation for homes and cars, so you can bet your last euro that whenever we saw a car I was stopping to get a quick picture. Feast your eyes on some of the vehicles I had the chance to see that took a winding route through Florence, turning corners and giving waves as they drove on. Definitely one of the most fun events I’ve seen yet…

mille miglia

Risa Kostis


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