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Inferno – The tour of Florence

Inferno Florencetown

“I am the Shade.

Through the dolent city, I flee.

Through the eternal woe, I take flight.

Along the banks of the river Arno, I scramble, breathless… turning left onto Via dei Castellani,

making my way northward, huddling in the shadows of the Uffizi”. P.14

 1This is an excerpt from the prologue by American author Dan Brown’s latest book entitled, Inferno.  It’s the fourth novel Brown has written in a series, following Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol. The story trails protagonist, Professor Robert Langdon, as he continues to yet again, take on a quest while skillfully deciphering codes, texts and of course, symbols.

 The best part about the newest installation in the Langdon series? This time, Brown takes the adventure to Florence, Italy. A city well known for its rich history in art, culture, architecture and so much more; Brown is relentless as he paints a picture of this beautiful Renaissance city while weaving in his clues and revelations as discovered in Inferno.

“At the heart of the skyline, a mountainous dome of red tiles rose up, its zenith adorned with a gilt copper ball that glinted like a beacon. Il Duomo”. P.35 

Inferno florencetown duomoWhether or not you’re a fan of Brown’s religion and science themed writing or his general prose style, his depictions of the city of Florence is unmistakably captivating and alluring as he delights us with talk of Dante, Botticelli, Michelangelo and Giorgio Vasari. I would encourage all those who are living or traveling through Florence to definitely give this book a chance – even if it means taking it in as a ‘Blockbuster’ read or a guidebook to unmasking the secrets to Dante’s Inferno.

Fortunately, just in time to compliment Brown’s latest infernal edition, comes the availability of the Inferno Tour of Florence made by Florencetown. The Countdown has just started.

Available daily and beginning at 9:30a.m. sharp; this first-hand experience gives you V.I.P. access in the early morning while being delighted with detailed tours of the sites as described in Brown’s novel.

The Full-Day Tour includes:

Availability: EVERY DAY

If you think you can only handle part of the Inferno excitement, not to worry, there’s a Half-Day Tour available too, and includes:

  • A visit to the Florence Baptistery
  • A visit to the Duomo
  • A visit to Dante’s church
  • A visit to the Palazzo Vecchio

Availability: EVERY DAY

Even more, if you decide to take on a separate tour for your afternoon, or should you be inspired to learn more about the city further, there are always the options of the Walk & Talk: Florence Walking Tour or the I Bike Florence: City Bike Tour as a surefire way of sightseeing and discovering Florence in the best way possible.

If you’re a Dan Brown fanatic looking for the original and unique Inferno tour or if you’d simply like to learn more about the history of Florence with a focus on secret and mysterious places of the city, then I urge you to check these tours out. Let the suspense and thriller begin now!

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