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Become an Angel of Florence

Florencetow & Angeli del Bello

Becoming an ‘angel of Florence’ is something I only recently discovered here in this city and am pleased to have done so. Considering I have always had a penchant for doing what I can to give back to the community I live in, I am excited to share with you an avenue in which you can all participate as well.


Just created in 2010, Angeli del Bello or if translated in English means, “Angels of Beauty” is:

“A foundation of Participation which is an initiative of the Founding Act […] between the Company for Environmental Services Clover Spa and Association Partners Palazzo Strozzi. Angels of Beauty is one of the Beautiful Angels Foundation which was founded on the initiative of two Founders: Quadrifoglio SpA and ‘Associazione Partners Palazzo Strozzi to promote and coordinate projects and voluntary actions aimed at improving the decor and beauty of Florence. The President is Giorgio Moretti, the Board of Directors is composed of: Livio Giannotti, Marco Bassilichi, Giulia di San Giuliano Pucci and Laudomia. Currently volunteers are among 1,500 individuals, schools, universities and associations for foreigners and operate divided into groups not only to clean from graffiti from the walls of the Florentine palaces, but also to take care of the gardens and public green spaces”.


Boasting projects aimed at improving the decorum and urban care of Florence, their latest project announcement entails an opportunity to protect the historical centre of Florence, which will entail a workshop discussing ways to support the respect and care of the city.

To participate you must register by sending an e-mail: .

Florencetown is a supporter of Angeli del Bello, we have had 3 days of cooperation to clean Florence in this October. Don’t miss the video of this fantastic event!

If you’re unable to make it out to this particular event, do not fret! The foundation is always announcing new events that you can participate and learn about.

For more general information on the foundation, click here:

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