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Nativity Scenes turned Art

Nativity Scenes turned Art- florencetown blog


Whether or not you celebrate the Christmas holidays for religious purposes or simply as an opportunity to gather with friends and family, if you’re in Florence this winter, be sure to check out the beautiful nativity scenes set up all around the city.
Cathedrals, Churches and hotels – many spots in and around the city love to participate in constructing their own design of the infamous Biblical nativity scene. To be honest, they’re practically art exhibitions! (Only, in Florence)!


Be sure to pass by the splendidness of Il Duomo to take in their construct of the scene along with the beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

For me, this is just one of the extra perks you can take in and enjoy; as artists from the city show off their talents through the spirit of Christmas. Below is a list of nativity scenes you can find in some of the larger Cathedrals in Florence. For the full list, click the link (in Italian only):

Visit the Pinterest profile of Florencetown and discover all the magic Christmas moments in Florence!

Buon Natale!

Tiffany Tobias

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