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Pitti Immagine – Fashion in Florence

Pitti Immagine is a fashion event that occurs twice a year in Florence, Italy at the Fortezza de Basso. This January, this event will be the 86th Pitti Immagine and will be held over the course of four days between January 13-16, 2015.

There are several categories to Pitti Immagine, the most well-known being Pitti Uomo – which is the platform for men’s fashion collections, and is arguably known to be the most important time in men’s fashion in which new clothing and accessory collections (even bicycles!..) are launched.

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 “The first edition of Pitti Uomo featuring men’s fashion and accessories was held in Florence September 1972. The exhibition provided a platform for raising the profile of Italian designers and now has quickly achieved international stature as a leading fashion fair”.


Other important fashion events also include: Pitti Immagine W – focused on special projects in women’s fashion, Pitti Immagine Bimbo – focused on fashion collections for children ages 0-14 and Pitti Immagine Filati – focused on knitting yarn collections.

 Unfortunately the event is only open to exhibitors and specialist buyers in the fashion industry, but people are often found outside of the Fortezza de Basso, among other locations, to take a look at the designers and industry folk milling about for various events happening throughout the week. Additionally, during this time the city seems to become an extra vibrant place to be in (although I’m biased, because I always think it is), as most of the locals seem to enjoy taking part in Pitti week, even if just by dressing up a bit more than the rest of the year. Similarly, if you’re hoping for an opportunity in which you can rub shoulders with fashion elitists but don’t work in the industry, be sure to check out local restaurants for aperitivo and stick around the Via Tournabouni area for your best chances (at a short distance from Florencetown Office)

 Personally, I’ve always been fascinated with the art world of fashion and have thoroughly enjoyed reading up on fashion and observing the new styles of up-and-coming trends. This year is no exception and what better place to do so then in Florence, Italy!

 Below, click the link for more information on the event itself.

By: Tiffany Tobias


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