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Florencetown’s Inferno: Ron Howard in Florence!

You say Inferno, I say Florence. Since Dan Brown’s newest novel released last May, our city has received quite a bit of attention from Dr. Robert Langdon’s most recent adventures through the historical landmarks Florence is known for.

imageWhat’s the latest buzz on Inferno? It looks like it’s time for the novel to follow the footsteps of its predecessors and hit the silver screen. How exactly do we know this? It’s been reported that director of The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, Ron Howard, has in fact been spotted in Florence, doing research and planning for the new movie. The source of this juicy lead comes from the mayor of Florence himself, Dario Nardella. Just this past Thursday Nardella tweeted a selfie of Howard and himself together in the iconic Palazzo Vecchio, as a part of their secret tour around Florence. On this tour, Howard and Nardella made their way to several places in the city center linked to the novel and Dante Alighieri, the writer whose work is the basis for Brown’s novel. One of these stops included the legendary Galleria degli Uffizi, where Howard viewed some of the more notable pieces housed in the museum, as well as the illusive Vasari Corridor. It’s also been reported that Tom Hanks has confirmed the renewal of his role in the next chapter of Robert Langdon’s journey.


The film is not set to begin work until this coming spring so there is plenty of time to read Dan Brown’s Inferno if you haven’t gotten the chance yet, or to reread the book to catch the details you missed the first time around. If just reading the book doesn’t satisfy your Inferno fix until the movie comes out, Florencetown might have the answer for you. Florencetown now has a tour specifically for its literature loving clientele. The popular Inferno tour takes guests inside the church of the famous Duomo piazza, through the Galleria degli Uffizi and secret Vasari Corridor, and into the hidden chambers of the Palazzo Vecchio, just as the beloved Dr. Langdon does. Haven’t read Inferno yet? Take this tour and the next stop you’ll make is the book store so you can read Dan Brown’s thrilling novel all the way home.

Florencetown’s Inferno tour runs every day at 9:30am, with the option to do the full day 6 hour tour, or the half day 3.5 hour tour. For more information about Florencetown or the Inferno tour, feel free to contact Florencetown by phone at +39 055281103 or by email at

Amy Sidorakis


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