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The Florence Rowing Club

Florence (Italy)

When walking down the Arno River in Florence you may witness a small four-person crew rowing a boat all in sync. This is a sighting of the Società Canottieri, the rowing club of Florence!

With around 700 members; the Società Canottieri competes in rowing races around the world and also against other rowers in their own backyard, Florence! Members of the club are active in several other activities besides just rowing. Some compete in dragon boating, canoeing, and even running and soccer! In order to prepare for competitive races the club offers yoga, messages, and personal training to complete their cross training.


If you would like to visit this amazing and unique club, you can find their registered office below the Uffizi Gallery that runs along the Arno River. There you can watch the members of the club practice their rowing while you sit by the river and enjoy the scene around you!

Yssa McKaig


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